Biological resource centres

Agap manages some major collections of plant genetic resources (Medicago truncatula, grapevine, rice, sorghum, cotton, groundnut, etc.) amounting to date to almost 60,000 accessions gathered in several biological resource centres (BRCs).

These collections are made up of different categories of genetic resources: French national collections and heritage resources, original materials, species related to the cultivated or wild species worked on, resources of a scientific nature like rice insertion lines. BRCs are intended to enrich the collections with new accessions, and keep them under optimum conditions and, lastly, make them available to interested parties.

Agap’s scope extends to 4 BRCs: TBRC in Montpellier, Medicago BRC in Mauguio, BRC for Tropical Plants in the West Indies and BRC for perennial plants in French Guiana. Two other BRCs are associated: Grapevine BRC near Montpellier and Citrus BRC in Corsica.

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