Data integration (ID)

Context and challenges

Last update: 16 October 2013

Our research work concerns knowledge representation and the integration of plant genomics data, which is more necessary than ever, as the advent of new very high-throughput sequencing methods (NGS) is heightening the problems associated with this topic. We also tackle the challenges raised by the representation of multi-scale knowledge: genome, cell, plant, population and environment.

The ID team develops close and continual interactions with the biologists in the other AGAP Unit teams and other partner units. At the same time, we establish collaboration with bioinformatics partners in the context of national and international consortia, making it possible to pool efforts to develop generic bioinformatics applications. 

All these initiatives have led to the emergence of the South Green bioinformatics platform, which is an essential support for our research.

Last update: 16 October 2013

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