The unit AGAP manages 9 Technical trays compounds of workshops open to the local, national and international community. Two Trays (imaging/cytogenetics and genotyping) participate in platforms (PHIV, GPTRG) managed by several units, themselves integrated in larger platform (MRI and MGX) to components of biohealth the UMS Biocampus.

The unit develops software platforms (Modeling: Open Alea and bioinformatics: South Green bioinformatics platform) in collaboration with other institutions (INRIA, INRA, IRD, Bioversity). It has put in place a platform for home international accompanying the research projects implementing the tools and knowledge to make existing on the different trays (REFUGE).

The platforms are controlled by a Scientific Steering Committee where are represented institutions and partner units. Their balance sheet is presented on an annual basis before committees of users. The leaders of all trays and biological resource centers managed by AGAP meet every two months within the Steering Committee Operational (CPO), to deal with all aspects of the life of the common tools of research.

The development of these platforms has been supported by the Génopole Languedoc Roussillon (2000-2007), the Federative Institute of Research (IFR) Daphne (2007-2010), Europe, the Languedoc Roussillon region (ERDF projects and CPER) and the foundation Agropolis.

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