Ecophysiology Platform

Last update: 28 September 2017

To Study and to understand the physiological functioning and the plants adaptives responses in their environmental context.


The ecophysiology platform, provide powerful means and a set of methods allowing to analyze the fundamental physiological processes of the plant functioning, and its interaction with the environment under abiotic stress (drought, temperature, global change..), as well in controlled environment and in situ condition.

The platform brings its expertise for the measurement and the analysis of some fines processes, as those of the photosynthesis, and for the implementation of integrated experimentation.

Know-how, tools and resources

The platform is located in the building 1 on the site of CIRAD Lavalette, and consists of several and specialized laboratories, allowing to analyze the plant at various scales, from the morphological characterization of the canopy to the fine photosynthesis processes, until the continuum to the root system in the rhizoscope facilities.

Plant Functionning:

Photosynthesis analysis by Walz system (GFS-3000), chlorophyll fluorescence analysis (PAM 2500 and Handy PEA), stomatal conductance, leaf water  and osmotic potential, chlorophyll quantification, infrared thermal imaging (FLIR camera), light interception and transfert in the canopy, " Histograins system permitting post-harvest analysis of grain sample.

Root system architecture analysis:

Phenotyping Lab facilities (Rhizoscope).

Environmental Caracterization:

Leaf area measurement (optic and laser), Campbell Dataloggers, field automatic weather station.

Macro observations and Hydroponic nutrient solution:

Optical microscopy, high precision balance, germination and drying oven, conception and preparation of hydroponic nutrient solution.

Last update: 28 September 2017

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