In a fast-moving global environment, the ability to produce improved planting material suited to different and changing agricultural conditions, and to new requirements, is an absolute priority. Genetic improvement is also a true scientific challenge. Genomics, information technology and mathematical modelling are opening up new avenues for studying the relations between genetic diversity, agronomic performance and response to selection. Establishing relevant partnerships is a challenge in itself. The AGAP unit encompasses a wide range of skills and is a leading platform for applied plant biology and genetics.

Thirteen research teams are working on tropical and Mediterranean crops (rice, wheat, sorghum, sugarcane, banana, coconut, oil palm, yam, coffee, rubber, cacao, cotton, apple, grapevine, olive, forest species, eucalyptus, etc.), covering a very broad range of biological characteristics and uses by farmers. The unit is backed up by biological resources centres and technological platforms.

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